• We facilitate meetings including brainstorming forums, strategy sessions, and formal company events. Facilitate, as originally defined, means, "to make easy or less difficult." Our goal in a facilitation role is to eliminate obstacles, encourage collaboration, and drive towards productive outcomes. We do this with a three-pronged strategy.

  • Pre-meeting

  • Meeting

  • Post-meeting



Our goal is to stimulate thinking and lay the foundation for the discussions ahead. We do this through agenda setting and establishing clear expectations and goals. Walking into the meeting, everyone will have an idea of the key topics and issues on everyone’s mind, and a general idea of what success looks like from each person’s vantage point.​


During the meeting, we serve as facilitator encouraging knowledge sharing, providing an objective view, and guiding conversation. We lay out the goals and expectations. We ask provocative questions to stimulate conversation. We manage the balance between broad thought and tactical input. In the end, we co-design an action plan laying out the strategy and future steps.​


We provide a sense of completion and accomplishment, as well as energy for what lies ahead. We provide a comprehensive report of the team’s activities and agreed upon strategy. We encourage follow-through on action items and offer additional recommendations for continued success.​

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