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Four Sentence Framework

Series 42 - Episode 2

Here’s the kind of situation I have in mind: You’re in a meeting or you’re walking across campus or your talking with colleagues in your office. Someone senior to you asks, “What’s your take on _____________?” As in, “What’s you're take on what you heard this morning?” You’re generally on top of the issue but you weren’t necessarily prepared for the question.

Here’s the very best framework, only four sentences long, for responding to questions like this concisely and with an air of confidence:

My take on that is…

Here’s why I say that…

Going forward…

For instance…

Here’s an example: “My take is that she was right to make it a priority. I say that because all the reactions point to our having responded without thinking it through. Going forward, I’m going to set up a meeting with our HR rep and agree on the most effective first steps. For instance, they will no doubt want us to get a training session on our calendar ASAP.”

Try it and let me know.

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